Shona is a photographer based in New Zealand.  Her work focuses on visualising relationships between people and their environment to reveal hidden connections. Driven by a sense of curiosity, Shona photographs as an impartial observer, enabling intensive study of detail. This results in emotive images that are authentic, yet idiosyncratic. Shona's fine art practice has evolved over the last two years through her Masters work in photography. The interplay between scientific theory and human culture, the digital and the natural, are ongoing themes in her work. Informed by chaos theory, her evolving body of work Experiments in the Transient  is an exploration of the transient dynamics in natural systems. 

She is a professional member of the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA) of New Zealand, and is also working towards a Masters in Creative Practice at UNITEC.

Shona lives in central Auckland with her husband, two kids and a terrier mutt called Cobble. Outside of photography, she enjoys running, reading, playing boardgames, and trying to surf. 


Shona enjoys collaborative relationships with her commercial clients. This makes planning and execution of  visual campaigns  fun, invigorating and effective. Some of her wonderful clients have included Auckland University, Milly's Kitchen Store, Potatoes NZ, GOOD Magazine, Horticulture NZ,  Nourish Magazine amongst others. 

Recent exhibitions and media

Beyond the Index - Gallery One, Unitec, Auckland. 29 July - 29 September 2020.  

The Covid-19 Lockdown Bubbles of Sandringham; April - May 2020

Women's Work / A Different Lens. AIPA joint exhibition, Ellen Melville Centre, March 2020. 

Work with Shona

Please get in touch with Shona if you have a project in mind - she would love to catch up and discuss ideas over a coffee. Feel free to fill in the adjacent form or email her directly on


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